Pest & Weed Control Services in Vasse and surrounding areas, including Warren, Margaret River & more.

G’Day from Vasse Pest & Weed Control!

We are a family owned & operated business serving our fellow neighbors in the Southwest. Our company offers high tech, innovative approaches to pest control combined with the latest equipment, technical expertise and knowledge, which makes us leaders in our field.

Local Service Areas

Vasse Pest & Weed covers the areas of the South West of Western Australia from Capel to Augusta, from Boyup Brook to Walpole and every town in-between, but our home base remains in the Busselton area.

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

All methods employed by Vasse Pest & Weed and Warren Pest Control are environmentally friendly as our fundamental approach to pest management is high-tech yet sensitive to the surrounding environment. Safety is of primary concern and all products are applied in accordance with label directions. 

Residential & Commercial Services

We offer services to residential and commercial clients, which include house inspections, baiting for rodents, spraying lawns for weeds and installing termite protection systems.