Our Pest Control Services

At Vasse Pest & Weed and Warren Pest Control, we offer a range of different services to meet your pest-related needs. If you require more information about these services or would like a free quote, please call our office on 08 9754 6350.

Residential Services

Vasse Pest & Weed Control offers a range of services to residential properties, which range from house inspections to rodent baiting, to spraying lawns for weeds.

Real Estate and General House Inspections to check house for termites

Spider treatments, both inside and outside your house

Ant treatments and baits, both inside and outside your house

Flea treatments, both inside and outside your house

Bait for Rodents inside and outside your house

Bee treatments

Lawn treatments for weeds (call us for the best time of year to spray for particular types of weeds!)

Specialised Commercial Pest Control

Call our office for information regarding how we can best service your premises for eradication and monitoring for pest control.

Specialised Termite Services

We are also licensed to offer specialised services for builders and home owners building their own homes in relation to termite protection, including:

Perimeter Sprays

Pad Sprays

As all houses and areas are different, we recommend contacting our office and getting one of our qualified technicians to inspect your property to identify the best method of termite protection for your situation.